• Changes made in Star Adventurer motor controller firmware version 3.06: 1. Change the swing angle to 180 degree in Mode "2X", "6X" and "12X". 2. Chnage the start point of swing to boundary of swing range instead of center of the swing range.
  •   ALLVIEW (V4) HAND CONTROL FIRMWARE (v.4.09.01) (589.1 KB)
  • 1. Modified the picture number of each layer (row) in wide-angle Easy Pano Mode to keep the same for each layer. 2. Add backlash compensation in both Video Coursing and Time Lapse Modes to eliminate backlash lagging at beginning of slewing. 3. Fix bugs in the star alignment that the mount will start fast slewing when the star alingment is finished. It usuallly happened in southern hemisphere.