Refactors (single boxed set)
  • I found the image in the telescope is upside down. Is that normal?
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The following is a list of questions most frequently asked by our users regarding viewing images upside down or inverted.


  • Q: I received this telescope as Father’s Day present. I put it together but the image is inverted – upside down. What did I do wrong? Thanks!
  • Q: I have a 70mm/700mm skywatcher scope  everything is inverted left-right and upside down  whats wrong with it or me please help
  • Q: Hi, I purchased the Sky-Watcher Great Start 70 AR-AZ2 70mm Refractor Telescope for my son and everything is upside down and backwards.  can you tell me which part I need to purchase to make everything normal? Not sure if I need the 10mm Erecting Eyepiece or the 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece Thanks in advanced for your help.
  • Q: Hi,  I have a Sky-Watcher Telescope D=130mm  F=650mm:  Presently seeing the images upside down, I have recently moved onto waterfront of Lake Erie and it would be great to be able to look at the boats and ships some of which are many miles off shore.Is there some sort of adapter perhaps refereed to as a "Erect Image Prism Diagonal" that I can attach to see the images right side up?  Please advise with thanks.
  • Q: Hi, I purchased an EQ2 telescope but the view is upside down.  Can you please let me know how to rectify this.
  • Q:Why am I viewing everything upside down both in my eyepiece and telescope?
  • Q: Having assembled my new telescope as above, the image through the viewfinder and main scope is upside down. How/can this changed to the correct way up?
  • Q: Hi. I am a total beginner at this and i bought a bk 767 az1 telescope. I just wondering, when i look in the scope the image is upside down.  Is it supposed to be like that or can i adjust the mirror to turn the image right? 
  • Q:  I seem to have gotten it working, it's just that now everything (buildings, boats, etc.) are upside down.  I suppose that's normal (it wouldn't  matter for sky gazing) but can anything be done about that?
  • Q: Hello; I got the above telescope for Christmas and after a few uses I found that the sight finder part on the side of the telescope that you look through to aim the telescope is now showing everything upside down.the telescope its self is showing the image the correct way round but like I said above is showing the things that I am looking at through the view finder attatchedment are all upside down. please can you help me rectify this.
  • Q: I just got a bk909az3???? for a gift. Main telescope works great but everything in the viewfinder is upside down. Is this normal or am I missing something
  • Q: I have a EQ1 Skywatcher telescope. Can I also use my skywatcher as a land-dwelling telescope (view terrestrial objects the correct way up not upside down), and if so what do I need to purchase to transform it into a land-dwelling telescope?



 If you would really like to see up-right images, you can consider purchasing an erecting prism for your focuser. 

If you were to look directly through a refractor, the image would be upside down and reversed (mirror image). A 45° or 90° diagonal is almost always included with a refractor for ease of viewing and the diagonal also brings the image right side up. Sometimes the view is still a mirrored view with everything right-side-up but reversed. Views through a reflector are almost always inverted. When looking at planets, star clusters and most celestial objects, the observer is not aware that the view is inverted. This makes most astronomical reflectors unsuitable for daytime viewing. 



Q: How Do I choose or mount the correct Diagonal?

90°-1.25" 2" erect Image Prism inverts one direction depending on the angle

45°-1.25" erect image Prism inverts both invert and upside down 

- for more info on how to mount your diagonal → LINK


In other words, seeing an inverted and upside down image is perfectly normal and should not affect your astronomy viewing.

Most Finderscopes that comes with the set will also be upside down and inverted, unless stated they come with 90° or 45° diagonal which mirrrors one of the direction, depending on the angle or both  direction.



Q: Why does this happen? How come spotting scopes and terristrial telescopes sees images upright?

Terristrial telescopes adjusts this by adding a erecting lense between the objective lense and eyepiece to correct the image.




Disclaimer: The following listed are only ansewers to submitted question, the list may be incomplete but will continue to be updated.

  • The BK 804AZ3 comes with a 45° erect diagonal eye piece (may vary with different distributor) which means the image of this model would not be inverted.
  • For Newtonian, although the erecting prism may correct the image, it may cause a loss in focus. For this reason we do not recommend using the prism on a newtonian telescope for terristrial observation. If you are using the scope for astronomical use, the flipped image is a norm and you do not need to concern much about it.