• Comparison between Sky-Watcher P200/1000 with Celestron SC Edge HD-800
  • Add on Feb. 3, 2012, 6:04 p.m.



For those who have problem reading Spanish or simply enjoy graphics rather than boring texts, here is a quick summary.  Recently, there has been an review released by Jon Teus on Espacio, the national Spanish astronomy magazine,  that compares the Sky-Watcher P200/1000 with the new Celestron SC Edge HD-800.  Jon Teus, who is a well known astronomer that publishes articles every month in varies of astronogmy magazines, decided to give these wildly different priced scopes a run.  The brilliant new Celestron SC Edge HD-800 that retails for 1,500 made very small difference when it came down to normal visual and photographic capabilities with the Sky-Watcher P200/1000 that retails for €350.  In fact, Sky-Watcher P200/1000 out performed its competition in wide-field observations.  He also shared his thoughts about China manufactures from poor, acceptable, to great lines of scopes; Sky-Watcher definitely produces one of the best lines of products out there.  If you are looking for fine fine details perhaps the €1500 Celestron SC Edge HD-800 could be for you, but for those who just want a great scope that performs just as well and most importantly won't have to sell their liver to afford it, Sky-Watcher P200/1000 might just do the trick.


LINK for actual pages from Magazine and Translated file:  PART 1 & PART 2: