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  • Microscope 1L (5pcs/ctn)
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  • Whether using this microscope at home for high power microscopy inspection, in the classroom, or in a lab or for industrial use --- the ordinary expectation turns into extraordinary when examining a slide specimen. You will be able to observe plant and animal parts, fibers, bacteria, yeasts and molds, cultures, circuit boards, etc.



    Eyepiece WF10x /18mm with pointer



    Objective Achromatic objective 4x/ 0.1, 10x/ 0.25, 40x/ 0.65


    Magnification 20x - 40x


    Field of view 0.08 - 4.5mm


    Mechanical tube length 160mm.


    Head Monocular head, 45 degree inclined, 360 degree rotating


    Nosepiece Triple nosepiece


    Stage  110mm x 120mm



    Condenser 0.65 single lens condenser


    Illumination 42mm mirror, Built-in illuminator and bulb 220v / 20w


    Power 220V - 240V 


    In the Box 

    Micro 1L

    two WF10X eyepieces (20mm field of view)

    rotating objective lens – 2X or 4X

    power available – 20X and 40X

    rubber eyecups

    opaque glass stage plate

    black and white plastic stage plate

    dust cover

    top and bottom illuminators


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