• Microscope 6
  • Microscope 6
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  • Eyepiece Wide Field 10x18mm, high eye-point eyepiece


    Objective Achromatic Objective 4x /0.10mm, 10x /0.25mm, 40x /0.65mm and 100x /1.25mm


    Magnification 40x - 1000x


    Head  Monocular head, 45 degree inclined, 360 degree rotating


    Nosepiece  Quadruple nosepiece


    Stage  132mmX140mm mechanical stage,50mmX76mm moving range, adjusting for right hand, precision 0.1mm


    Condenser  Abbé condenser N.A. 1.25, iris diaphragm with filter holder


    Focus Coaxial focus system with tension adjustment ,with up-limted


    Illumination  Built-in 12V/15W halogen bulb with continuous intensity control 


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